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yule -- annual national prayer breakfast, president obama said the u.s. is mindful of the violence in egypt. >> and we pray the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized. and that a better day will dawn over egypt and throughout the world. >> in recent days, the omaga -- obama administration is calling on mubarak to accept change and to transition to a more democratic system and president obama urged restraint on all sides amid the escalation there. >>> talk about the economy. president obama wants americans to switch to clean energy. they called on businesses to invest in clean energy technology and said go -- the tax credit if commercial buildings are more energy efficient and hopes they will create jobs and help the environment. >>> it was a brazen heist at the bellagio. a man caught on camera stealing $1.5 million in casino chips. now, police say that they know who he is. >>> plus, a burglary suspect caught in montgomery county. that guy probably would still be free right now. if he was not so greedy and oh, so forget
-- news conference, president obama had harsh words for iran. tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom now. accused of him being hypocritic. >> some of the -- were directed at iran since the protest movement tried to re-form itself in the country. tail, though, he was careful not to directly call for iranian government removal and thousands of anti-government demonstrators are marching in iran inspired by the protests in egypt that removed president hosni mubarak. the iranian government responded with a heavy-handed crackdown on the protestors. hard liners in the iranian parliament called for an arrest of execution of opposition leaders. in washington today, president obama said iran's actions against his own people are at odds with the previous support of the egyptian protests. >> i find it ironic you have the regime pretending to celebrate what happened in egypt when, in fact, they have acted in direct contrast to what happened by gunning down and beating the people trying to express themselves peacefully in iran. >> reporter: the united states is not the only country watching this. the
on. >>> and the obama administration will no longer -- the institution about gay marriage. the justice department said the president decided to stop defending the marriage law after considering a number of factors, including a documented history of discrimination. >>> to a fox 5 news alert now. president obama is condemning the violence in libya as, quote, outrageous and unacceptable. and less than an hour ago, the president appeared in the white house with secretary of state hillary clinton. tom fitzgerald is life with the latest. >> reporter: you know, the president's facing mounting questions in recent days as to why he had not spoke out personally regarding libya and the way he did during the protests in egypt and that changed a short time ago. in his first public remarks on the crisis in libbia, the president said he was dispatching secretary of state's hillary clinton for a geneva international convention aimed at stopping the bloodshed and that is -- in his own remarks, he seemed to tackle ghadafi head on and that is being orchestrated by the united states or allies
times dispatch, tim kaine said he's flattered by the talk of him and will talk to president obama before announcing the decision. >> as former governor, he has -- >> the professor of virginia tech university, said kaine would be well-positioned to take on any republican challenger. >> today, i am announcing my candidacy for the u.s. senate. >> reporter: former virginia senator georgia allen is seeking the nomination and kadamian said mock poles have kaine doing better against -- allen than webb. >> he's coming out ahead of than what webb would have in the polls. >> reporter: others say a kaine candidacy would play into president obama's re-elect strategy in 2012ic g -- 2012. >> tim kaine is very important in that process. >> reporter: american university political science professor leonard steinhorn said with the president on the ballot in 2012, a strong democratic senate candidate in virginia is key to him carrying the state again. >> not at all surprised. the president has two goals: to get re-elected and keep the democratic majority and sees tim kaine central to both of those. >> rep
. >>> president obama warns "the entire world is watching." as he renews his demands for transition to begin in egypt now. the president says this crisis won't be resolved through violence. today protesters assembled in cairo's central square for the 11th straight day. they were asking for mubarak to step down immediately. tom fitzgerald has been following this all week. tom the demonstrations took on a different tone today. >> reporter: that is correct, brian. the demonstrations in cairo moved away from the widespread violence we have seen recently as the army moved in to keep the pro mubarak forces away from the protesters. but on the diplomatic front, there were new reports that the obama administration is stepping up its efforts to get mubarak to leave now. cairo, just yesterday looked like an urban battlefield. tonight has quieted. egypt's army, a by stander for a week, is keeping the protesters and supporters of egyptian president mubarak away from each other. a move that has reduced the violence. but after two days of bloody attacks on protesters by pro mubarak crowds, opposi
grip slipped away and after being flown to the resport town of shamil sh eik; president obama maintained a diplomatic balancing act between the protestors and not alienating mubarak praised the news. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place and this is one of those moments. >> reporter: for now at least, the long-term questions about egypt's future are taking a back seat to the immediate desire of the egyptian people to celebrate those questions remain, however, of what kind of government will take route in egypt and president obama urged the military to lift the emergency powers that he had ruled under for three decades and keep the promise to move forward. >> and that is going to be a central theme the next nine or so minutes of coverage here and i want to give you an account of what it's like to be in cairo. ahmed is a student there and i spoke with him an hour ago to get a sense how he's feeling at this moment and what that future holds. >> i. >> it was a feeling of shock at the beginning, but everyone is celebr
part, president obama in a speech in michigan thursday made no such definitive statement on his future. instead calling again for democratic reforms to start now and was careful to not directly call on mubarak. >> we want all egyptians to know that america will continue to do everything we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. >> reporter: earlier in the day, reports of mubarak's resignation were joined by reports of a possible military coup. egypt's army announced it took steps to safeguard the country. the question tonight, what step the army will take if protestors ignore the military's call to end demonstrations now. there seems to be a disconnect between the c -- cia and white house. is there an explanation why messages were different? >> reporter: the big surprise today, brian. rarely do you hear a cia director like leon pineta come out and say something definitively about what he expects to happen and it doesn't happen. the white house was asked about this today on air force one, robert gibs was asked about cia director pineta's statement and he
.s. ambassador met with opposition leaders, president obama met with the foreign policy team and the state department orderd all personnel in egypt to leave whole the united nations human rates commission said it will investigate the reported deaths of 300 protestors. >> the high commission believes this should be a clear investigation into why the authorities took the decision to expose the population to considerable risk in this way and who is responsible. >> reporter: we're going bring in -- who -- throughout north africa and the middle east. good evening, ambassador. you met and talked with hosni mubarak and he said heaves go -- he was going to stay on until his term in november. how do you see this playing out? >> i have the feeling the people in egypt won't accept what president mubarak said and that expression of being fed up was made clear the last week and they want him to go now. and they are probably concerned about what happens if he stays on until september, giving him a chance to reassert the authority and i don't think that that is over and until it's over, and i don't think
on where the government stands. >>> one of president obama's major campaign promises, closing the guantanamo bay detention center. two years into the presidency there are still dozens of detainees there. >> the prospects for closing guantanamo bay as best i can tell you are very, very low. given a very broad opposition to doing that here in the congress. >> president obama says he's still committed to closing the facility but many in congress don't want the detainees moved to prisons in the united states. >>> freeing prisoners has also been a problem. the government says one of four set free are suspected or engaged in terrorist activity. >>> a body found today in a wooded area near the inner loop of the beltway in camp springs, maryland. the body was so decomposed it's not even clear if it's a man or a woman. an autopsy will be done. >>> virginians have to go hands-free. state lawmakers made the decision. >> and more illegal fishing nets found in maryland. a problem that seems to be spiraling out of control. details coming up.  >>> maryland natural resources police
tonight. >>> a vote by house republicans has blocked money for president obama's health care law. those lawmakers say the health care overhaul enacted last year was an overstepping by washington. republicans would harm families and help the insurance industry say democrats. >>> the house has approved a proposal by republicans to block federal aid for planned parenthood. it's part after bill that seeks to cut government spending this year. >>> and nascar news from capitol hill. the house voted to let the pentagon continue using taxpayer money to sponsor race teams. a minnesota democrat proposed ending the practice. she claims the army is spending $7 million on a sponsorship this year and the air force and national guard is spending cash, too. >> the deficit, this amendment is where the rubber meets the road for my tea party colleagues. >> the debate has triggered an ugly response. betty mccoll um received a faxed death threat with nascar mentioned. . >>> jim o'sullivan from the national journal here to talk about this. you wrote about this democratic proposal on tuesday. between this and
. the white house said that president obama is talking with foreign leaders, including britain and france about possible actions to end the violence. >> there are noing ons worth taking off the table and we're focussing on the options to effect the situation in the near-term. >> all of this continues to impact oil prices. the price of an oil of -- barrel of oil passed $305 bucks. >>> a 20-year-old saudi student in texas is under arrest. suspected of planning a terrorist attack with chemical weapons. the fbi said that some possible targets include the home of george w. bush. his diary indicated the young man was plotting this attack for years and said that he had obtained a scholarship to carry out jihad. >>> a northern virginia man will spend 25 years locked up now for supporting terrorists. the 21-year-old zachary chesser was sentenced today and he supported a terrorist group in somalia and encouraged violent. >> oddists to kill americans. -- high is a muslim convert from bristol. >>> turmoil in the wilson building. a controversial hire in the gray administration is escorted from city ha
u.s. voters say the obama administration's response is good or response and however, 22% think it's poor. >>> wanted a the edge on another big story at home. it's a huge night in college park. maryland versus duke. say no more and this is that game that set off a fire storm after clashes were captured on tape last year and they'rey going ready now and big parker has more. >> reporter: look over my shoulder here. that is -- that is a -- . >> and they want to make sure they polishing up their reputation, too. that mean when is maryland plays duke, it's okay to celebrate a win but after last year's home win against duke, the rowdy crowd migrated into the street. >> i have never seen anything so rowdy like. that that was crazy, you know, horses and some pepper spray. >> reporter: what followed was an ugly showdown captured on video. in reports, the police say they were attacked by students. some video and some students told a different story. >> and i had seen a couple of videos going on. >> and we went over what happened last year and need to come out and to listen to the community a
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12